Friday, March 30, 2007

Product Reviews

Because i havent been going out often , and have been camping at home , i don't really have any places to blog about. But product reviews isn't so bad rite? Still food wttttt.... :P

Since young i was never a chips kinda person.I prefer popcorns better. Somehow i will give in to good chips.

Lays RM 9 ++

this is the popular one .. but my verdict would be 5/10 . it's too salty for me.

Oregon Fresh
RM 9.50

this one is pretty good . The saltyness is juz nice and the potato is very pure.. it's not like our lame mister potato that uses fake starch potato. I'll give them .. 8/10 . they come in 3 flavas btw. thr's original, wasabi and hot n spicy.

ofcuz i've tried many more good chips. I still like the japanese ones better.. the americans tend to have double saltyness in their chips. Or maybe i juz dont like salty stuff? And their packaging are normally generously huge , but .. the real stuff is awesomely little. Haha.

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