Thursday, March 29, 2007

Have u seen a black corn?

It actually cost five times more expensive than the normal corn. One of this *Charcoal* Corn actually cost RM 3.70.Just one only! It's imported from some ulu parts in China and this corn is the glutinous "baka". I dont know how to say "baka" in English and i dunno if heredity .. is the appropriate one. Hehe.

The Taste?

One word!


Can die.

Kenot be eaten.

I end up giving to my chicken.

We all shud just eat the normal yellow corn.



Robin Wong said...

hey mel,
thanks for visiting my blog. appreciate ur kind words.
OMG OMG !!!!!
I have not seen a black corn in my life... looks very scary... kinda reminds me of "children of the corn", the horror movie...

Melanie said...

Hey Robin!

Thanks for dropping by!!
aH , Felt so honoured. someone's whose so pro in bloggin drop by my blog! :)

Robin Wong said...

hey mel,
Ahahaha, nolar, I am not pro !! Kenny Sia is pro, LOL... I am just like every other bloggers out there.
Ur blog is pretty interesting too. Keep it up ya?

Melanie said...

cheers to you too Robin!