Sunday, January 21, 2007

Exza Food Depot

Two days ago , I went to town for a yumcha session with my best mates. After driving without direction for almost half an hour, we decided to go to Exza Food Depot. I had always wanted to go thr!

and this is d drink i ordered. it's pina colada , bt i chose the choice of mocktail instead of cocktail.
it taste Ok, but i feel giddy after a while. the coconut smell is a bit too strong n it's not well stirred leaving the few last sips to be super - extreme sweet. it's RM 9 , btw.

and this one , "cool me down", two of my friends ordered it. they said it taste nice. also at Rm9. If im going thr again , im gonna order this one. haha. i like the colour! haha.

i couldn't be bothered to take the pics of the guy's drinks. coz they came in normal glass :P anyway,we ordered Fries, as our finger food . the fries came in big portion , and sprinkled with generous amount of black pepper. I must say it's cheaper than other cafe's , coz its only RM 5!

After looking at our neighbour's food , we were tempted to order smtg as well. so we decided to order the Mozarella Mussels. I wont say it's the best mussels i've tasted, but it tasted Ok. not too bad, not too nice either. wt turns me off was the "fishy" smell is thr. however , i still tink they can improve by putting more herbs or italian seasoning. Some parsley probably wud help.Oh yeah , it's RM15. reasonable :)

Altogether , Chef Mel gif them 6 out of 10. why ?

they shall improve in their service. Thr's five of us , and all they gaf was one lil tiny plate of chili sauce. And like i told u , the fries came in big portion. so , obviously its not even near to the word enough. other than tat, the food needs a lot of improvement. The ambience was ok tho`.

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