Friday, December 17, 2010

Nasi Kandar Pelita, Penang

It's true when they say Penang spoil your taste buds. Anything you've tasted in Penang, you just won't find the same food tasting as good as it had in Penang. This especially applies for Nasi Kandar. I didn't actually visited much Nasi Kandar joints in Penang but just this particular one nearby where I used to stay in Penang is enough to make me think the ones in anywhere else is a joke. :P

For the uninformed, Nasi Kandar is very much like nasi campur except they consist of mainly curries. I love curries so this was actually one of my loyal dinner when I was still in Penang.

On top of the curries, most joints also usually have beef soup - from all parts of the cow to choose. They're usually ordered by men as it is believed to "make men stronger." I do think it's true in a way as it is really heaty but whether or not it makes your bed sessions better is something I cannot justify. I also don't know if it works on women and the few times I had it, I was alone. Plus, I don't have any bed sessions experience. *cough!cough!* :p

And of course, you have the roti-s. I am not a fan of any of the flat pastry though. Always felt like they're made too oily for consumption. :p

This is my usual plate of Nasi Kandar. One piece of ayam madu and one vege (usually go for the spinach), on top of a bed of rice with kuah pedas. Just typing this has got me salivating!

I also really enjoyed the tandoori chicken. Now, the picture doesn't really do much justice to the taste but I can assure you it's very good, juicy, well spiced and tasty! It's eaten with some lime juice and you would be surprise how the tangy lime could go so well with the slightly charred tandoori chicken! The naan was however just mediocre.

Funny how food like this only goes well with teh ais or teh O ais. :P I usually go for teh ais though.

On an unrelated note, my long time boyfriend - Lenovo is infected with spyware again. Our relationship has been on the rocks of late. T.T This entry is posted from an Acer - I couldn't wait as I was really excited to blog about this after coming across a number of "funny looking" Nasi Kandar in Klang Valley. :P

P/s : Lenovo is back and I am RM85 poorer!

Oh and and ... today's the father bear's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dy. :)


SandraC said...

u have not lived until u've tried nasi kandar beratur!! pelita is like baby food! haha

Anonymous said...

nice pics of Indian Breads

Melanie said...

SandraC : Don't worry I will drop by Penang sometime soon =D

Anonymous : thanks