Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alternative? Not quite!

In case you're a virgin reader (as in first time reading my blog lah. hehe) here, I'm currently in Kuching, enjoying my holiday! :P

I'm quite a boring person in nature (and also a very poor student if I may add) so my holidays are not usually filled with excitement. You know like how some rich kids go for holidays here and there. ;p What I usually do is, buy a lot of magazines.

I read all sorts of magazine with TIME, Shape and Female being my favourites. No, i'm not gonna talk about the magazines of course! Just wanted to share with you a snippet of an article. Basically this article talks about how to have substitutes for Malaysian food. Not exactly something new to read but there's something I find interesting. ;p

Alternative for Nasi Lemak = Toast! I can't see the significance of the two. One is pungent, one is fragrant.

Alternative for Satay = Chee Cheong Fun! I'm not a fan of Chee Cheong Fun, but last I check, they don't come in sticks. ;p

My point is that when you lust for something sinful, never look for the substitutes. Go for the real thing, but eat in moderation la!

I'll give you an easier example ok. If you wanna drink beer, but because of the calories, you go for apple juice. Not the same kan?


Unknown said...

i wanna beer but go for apple juice? totally tak same rasa

Melanie said...

Baby : Exactly!