Friday, December 04, 2009

YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi is a British food chain, serving Japanese food located in The Gardens. Now I know this place is no stranger to most of the foodies, so i'll skip the history and introduction ok? :)

I've always love the interior. It's not the open kitchen concept that I love but rather the combination of black and bright colors.

Since it is slightly more expensive than some of the Japanese restaurants, I was expecting a top notch service from the hostess. But what I got was the opposite. The hostess persuaded (though I really believe force is the more appropriate adjective here) us to have their set lunch and we got irritated and obliged.

She was emphasizing so much on "free miso soup and green tea. Unlimited refills." Truth was, we got no refills and no one came to check whether we finish our green tea or miso soup or not. Hmmmphf.

The set lunch came with your choice of meal and we chose firecracker fried rice and chicken katsu don. The portion was really something to laugh. They were using the exact plate to place the sushi-s at the kaiten belt! So if you're a fast eater, you can finish it in less than 5 minutes?

However, credit goes to the taste. They used the authentic and better quality Japanese rice and it was really well fried.

It was my first time tasting chicken katsu don so I can't compare with any other places. I thought it was good but I have to say Japanese curry is more of an acquired taste for Malaysians because it has this sweet after taste that I believe not many would be fond of.

While waiting for my ordered food, I took a plate of chuka iidako from the kaiten belt. It was of smaller servings, and not to mention more expensive too. Taste wise was just ok.

We also had the stir fry mushrooms as a side dish. While it was cooked perfectly in terms of flavor and texture, it is really nothing to rave about.

It costed us close to RM 50 for this meal. Not very worth it lah. :P


nothingmuchdave said...

i already banned Yo! sushi... is not worth it because i find their food rather lousy... been there once and that's it... definitely won't go there again unless someone 'belanja' me!!! :)

Melanie said...

Dave : Hahah yeah, nothing more disappointing than to eat something that is not worth the price.