Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hooker's toast

Eat it, bite it, lick it, swallow it for only RM 2!

Spotted at a Bakery :P


kennhyn said...

haha, the toast don't seems to wort RM2...haha

小泽 (DSvT) said...

is Fussy Chicken or Pussy Chicken?

Chris said...

Instead of eating it, can we just use it? LOL

Huai Bin said...

Haha! Very powderful Engrish.

Melanie said...

kennhyn : haha .. you seem to know the "market price eh?" :P

DsvT : obviously it's pussy chicken :P

Chris : You can use it if you want :)

Huai Bin : Haha. nice way of putting it ;p