Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holland Fries

Jess told me she had been wanting to try this place for quite some time and i agreed to accompany her. So, after six hours of shopping, we got tired and i suggested that we take a short break and came here. Holland fries is a place where you can have the normal fries along with funky toppings.

I was quite excited even with the emptiness of the shop since i've been wanting to try something similar for quite some time. I just didn't know the place existed.

I guess their main market is for take aways since there's only four chairs.

They actually had many varieties of toppings on the menu but on the day we went , only three out of the many are available. Kinda disappointed :( Price range are from RM 3.90 to RM 5.90.

I cant remember the names actually but this is what i had ;

This is actually tomato based sauce with basil leaves and italian seasoning, kinda like bolognese. It tasted alright, but a bit too watery.

This is sour cream one. I know what you are thinking! The cream looks wrong right ? (If it rings no bell to you, the sour cream looks like something that comes from the other end of you ;p ) I did noticed it when it was served but i didn't wanna spoil Jess' mood since she paid for it. Hehe. Sour cream wasn't sour. :(

The only credit to this shop is that, they used imported fries. Imported fries are usually better because hey, Americans are good in fast food and usually their fries tastes better, bigger and less healthy ;p

Holland Fries is located at Queensbay Mall, right at the side of the cineplex. It will be good to eat with at the movies rather than the boring popcorn ;p Don't say i recommend one though. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

The number of fries are not many, is that true?

Melanie said...

fatboy : Hie, yeah its not many for the price but it does makes u full because the fries used are thicker

Anonymous said...

This do look like the 1 i had in Holland, though i haven't tried this shop, but it look similar!!!
Holland's fries are generally much huge in size compare to normal 1~!!!