Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boulevard's food court

This place serve you a good meal if you're tired after the groceries shopping and up for an affordable meal. The rest of the eateries in Boulevard are franchise restaurants so they tend to be a bit expensive most of the time.

Curry Chicken

This is actually my favourite food there. They usually give plain rice but i would asked for the rice used for chicken rice instead with no extra charge. ;p

I like the curry here. It's of the Chinese style curry and i have started to love Chinese Curry ever since i went to Kedah. And the portion is big for the price i pay - RM 5!

They give you a choice of sambal belachan, cut fresh chillies and soy sauce and the chicken-rice chilli.

This curry chicken rice is from the chicken rice stall.

Ma Lak Mien

The mee was supposed to be super spicy but it ended up super salty! Plus, the pork used was not fresh as well. It came with a bowl of cold tasteless soup.


The dumplings are nicely made but the skin was too thick for my liking. You can have a choice of either chives + pork or cabbage + pork in your dumplings.

This stall is a mini-branch of Jade Pot Tea House at Jalan Keretapi. All the food are priced at RM 5.

Pandan egg tart

The pastry was a bit soft but it has this nice butter aroma and it taste pretty good. You can buy the tart at the drinks counter.

Among the other choice that you can get at the food court are Bombay Masala-Indian food, Seoul Garden-Korean food, Malay food and also vegetarian food. It's all in one !

Have a nice day readers!

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