Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Sugarbun is a home grown brand and only in East Malaysia we have Sugarbun.They used to sell only fast food but ever since they change owner, they also sell Asian cuisine.

I was at their new branch in The Spring and was very impress with the interior.

I always go there for the great three layer tea.

It's RM 2.20. ( If i'm not mistaken ;p )

The broasted chicken.
RM 2.90 for one piece.

They only served either one or three pieces . So i ordered only one. The last time i had the chicken was yonks ago so i couldn't recall how it tasted. So i would say it tasted really good.

Chicken Burger

Their chicken burger is really nice since the place was open lots of year back. Thick chicken patties. RM 3.80 on ala-carte.

French Fries with dip
( on promo - seasonal )

We ordered it together with the chicken burger for RM 6.50. The fries was good although fries tasted better with chilli sauce ;p tThe dip was ridiculously little and you're not allowed to have more! They are four varieties of dip - cheese, mayonaise, curry and satay (shown above).

The food improved a lot and i would recommend this place despite the terrible service. ;p


Unknown said...

wow....i remember i did ate that when i at KK. no doubt their food are nice also!~
miss their 3 layer of tea leh *sob*

Melanie said...

nkwai :3 layer tea rocks !