Monday, May 12, 2008

Mc Donalds

What i love about Mcdonalds?

Ayam Goreng

I am not a fan of KFC! I go Mcd to have my fried chicken! The best!

You get the similar shape , size and portion of what you saw on the advertisement.

Huge piece of chicken patties dunk in the oh-so-tasty black pepper sauce. What you see on the ads, is really what you get!

The burgers

I love how they have fresh veggies and not dead looking veggies sandwiched together with their burgers!

The curly fries

This is seasonal but hey their normal fries taste as good too!

The prosperity burger

Seasonal as well, but i must say it is during this season Mc D is flooded with patrons trying to get their annual doze of prosperity burger. I never fail to have mine every year!

The pies!

The apple pies were great and the banana pies is the greatest ! I love their banana pie!

I miss McDonalds lah!!

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