Thursday, April 03, 2008

The easiest Spaghetti

This is going to be a quick post. Today has been great for me.

I had a very nice chat with a lecturer for more than an hour. She asked me to guess her age and i was so THANKFUL i guess correctly. Otherwise , confirm my result
teruk one! Anyway she asked me if i can speak Malay. Wtf rite, Saya Anak Malaysia lah! She's my Process Writing lecturer so understood lah, we conversed in English! The chat was nice and its been long since i last had a "matured chat".

And no , i
wasnt kissing her ass to get good marks. It's not everyday you get to talk to a lecturer mesra-ly. Most are stucked up!

Ok.. Back to what i was gonna post.

There was one night where i really wanted to eat spaghetti so badly and it was really late.. So i cook really simple one and it turn out better than most of the shops in

How to-s

Canned Tomato with herbs. This is going in after you saute the onion with butter.

Bare in mind that this isn't tomato puree!

Mushroom sausages.

Nice Nice!


To enhance the aroma, saute it with butter.

This is what you get!

Then, put in the cooked spaghetti.

Sprinkle a bit of dried parsley and put about a teaspoon of olive oil. Make sure your spaghetti is Al Dante!

And lastly put the cream.

Make sure you are ready to take it up when you put the cream coz it mustn't be stirred too long on fire. Low down the heat as well when you're about to put the cream.

Don' t forget mummy said must eat vege!

Hehehe. I put it with some flavoured cheese and seasonings for extra taste and of course, butter.

The flavoured cheese.

Pretty costly, about RM 14.90.

The seasonings.

And ta-DA!! Sprinkle a bit of Parmesan on top..

SEE, nice nice!!

Who ever said cooking was difficult?

Last but not least, i am dedicating this post to..

*drum rolls*

The lovebirds!

Happy Anniversary! So happy for the both of you. Miss you guys a lot!

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