Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Coffee Bean

First and foremost , sorry coz i said i will blog a day after i reach my hostel. Advertlets fucked up my blog and i was also too tired to blog at the end of the day.

This semester i'm taking 21 credit hours , meaning to say i have around 7 hours of class a day. Very hectic but i'm still sane.

I'm blogging from my room now =D I actuallly woke up early to blog coz the line would be amazingly 40-50 Mbps. Very cepat eh! =D

On New Year's day , i had coffee with Beng and his brother, Stansfield while looking over to Tun Jugah for some lame fashion show and some "action-packed" photographer. = D

Green Tea Ice Blended

I think it taste very much like vanilla ice blended. No green tea flavour at all.

Vanilla Ice Blended

It is ok.. but too milky for me lah. Don't like.

Black Forest Ice Blended

I used to like this a lot. I prefer the Caramel one now. =D I think maschino cherries is a lil too


Taste pretty bad. Don't order. =D

Coffee Bean is a cool place to hang out and please your coffee fix. Open at my Uni can?

**Oh btw, if any of you in charge in controlling the quality of the coffee bean , can u please check on the branch in Kuching's airport? They taste reali bad!


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Melanie said...

helo crescenet , thanks for dropping by. appreciate it alot!