Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bus Crash NO MORE

What happen to our public transport? Bus specifically?

The hottest one was the recent one happening in Slim River ( in which happens to be my friend's friend girlfriend ) where the double decker Konsortium bus over-turned. It was purely the drivers mistake for speeding. 3 of them died ..

Being in an university , i know how much students rely on these public transport to go back to their hometown. I personally wouldn't need it but everytime i send my friends off to their bus , i silently pray for them hoping they will have a safe journey. Man , their journey is long. up to 12 hours!!!!
Yes, there is plane rides but how many could afford?

The news has been bombarding the papers recently. The bus drivers have tonnes of summons but still allowed to be on the road. Imagine a murderer not prisoned? Tyres that are use has no "bunga" anymore... tell me , if the bus is not safe to use , what else can we public use? Cars, what about the those without cars?

I personally travellled with the public transport before. The longest was 7 hours. And it scares me now that the situation is bad that i decided not to travel anywhere until i spend enough moolah to board a plane?


I dont know the number of lives taken from bus crashes.. but it doesnt matter coz ONE LIVE is enough for you to be aware of the problem.

To the public , Please sign the petition here.

**** i am blogging this from KLIA-LCCT now. the caramel ice blended is so fucking sweet and the spicy chix pastry is so oily :(

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