Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Living Room Part 2

My 1st visit was extremely good... i love the place.. so
yeap, i came for the 2nd time along with my friends. An old-high-sch-mates-gathering.. minus Sam who was in Singapore.

I ordered the same black pepper lamb and
midin salad ..

This is what the rest of my friends ordered.

Fettuccine Carbonara RM 23

. She finished like 30 % of it. The shitake mushroom smell was too strong.. and shitake doesn't go well with italian food for God sake! It was too dry too.. Thumbs down!

Fish Basket RM 38

Jo's order. It was all fried! The portion was HUGE... enough for 3-4 person. But since Jo had it alone , he couldn't finish it .. I still wish they would arrange it properly instead of "Throwing" everything in a huge plate. So-very-not-appetizing.

Lo Han Chai RM 18

It's normal
lah tis one. But Beng liked it a lot. It's just black fungus, abalone mushrooms , baby corn and broccoli cooked in Oyster-like Sauce.

Lamb Rack RM 40

said it's good. I notice him ordering this every time it's in the menu. Anywhere. But the waiter damn suku loh.. when Beng ask him to move it to a smaller plate.. he is like " ahhh? what? what ?"... and in the end he didnt move. The waiter speaks No English , and Beng was talking BM to him. *faint*

Lamb Shank RM 28

It's Wilson's. I had it a few times with Albert.. and i knew it's not so nice. It's too over-cooked.. I know it's not suppose to be medium or rare.. it's just that i don't like lamb to be over cooked. So , lamb shank is not my thing :P

Fish and Chips RM 20

Jess's. Forget to try! :P But , it looks good. The fish was kinda thick .. and it's worth the price.

Ostrich Rolls RM 25

Ben's! he was too far so i didn't try his food. He said " it's not bad, but have to eat with rice..". He ordered lamb shank at 1st , but since they said they had one left , he gave it to Wil. After 10 minutes , they MIRACLE-LY found another lamb shank and ask if he wants it. Obviously he doesnt want it.. and we all know how they found it. Double thumbs down again!

Pavlova with fresh fruits RM 12

Look at the pavlova. Notice something wrong ? The meringue is not suppose to be white!!!(Meringues are suppose to be a lil burn off) It was not well beaten , and it was so sweet!! Way too sweet! And , the meringue was hard!

I totally forgot about taking pictures of the drinks..
hehehe.. so no drinks photos!

SO , 1st visit , i was totally impressed with the place. Service was good,
Ambiance was good, Food also GOOD!

nd visit. OMFG. i was greeted with a very rude waitress .. keep asking if i'm having dinner or not. Hey , you don't ask your customer that kind of question OK?

Then , the menu is not enough for the 8 of us. There's 8 of us , and you only give us ONE MENU for food??!?!
Ok , fine! I can put up with this.

But , the Waiter speaks no English and we have to repeat our order again and again and again!! Even when we speak in BM , he will ask us to repeat!

God, we paid RM 350+ for such lousy food and lousy service. It was not worth it at all.

I wonder if i will ever step there again!

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