Friday, December 21, 2007

Life Cafe

Or better known as "Ren Jian Cha Fang" ( i think. LOL ) My pin yin fail.. but it sounded something like that rite? Situated just behind the temple opposite Ala Carte. ( Not the temple beside Harbour View ) I used to be a regular patron here.. but kinda stop dining at this place for more than half a year.

I missed this place a lot. Not only on the food itself , but this place is rather nostalgic to me.

Life Cafe Spicy Noodle ( Ma Lak Mien )

Their signature dish. You can choose 3 level of spicyness -spicy, medium and very spicy. I like to have mine very spicy. Last time i used to think it was extremely spicy, but right now , it's kinda mild to me.

Pan Fried Dumpling

I dare say they have one of the best pan fried dumpling. I never miss ordering this together
with my spicy noodle on every of my visit. It's good ! Dip it in the balsamic vinegar + ginger and .. ooh la la!

Shaked Ice Tea

Vero's . Normal teh o peng i guess. Just that it's shaked?! I remember last time my mom always tell me never shake my drinks otherwise i'll have headache. Lol.

Milk Tea

It's Normal. Nothing to rave about.

They've been in business for many years now. So , if you haven't been there, can go try la yea!
Tasty and Cheap! Syok!

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