Friday, December 28, 2007

Daun Kari

Located at 3rd Exchange ( Behind The banquet) , they're serving Indian cuisine. Very pack during peak hours.

The interior is like normal coffee shop. But it is clean. Ok, maybe still new.

The making of roti! Taken wit my camera phone =D

Nasi Briyani RM 8.90

Pui Wen was raving this bryani to me so i had high expectation on it. It taste ok , but there's just no "oomph!" in it. The spices is not right and i ordered the mutton one ..and the mutton smell was a tad too strong. By the way, the chicken version is cheaper by RM 2.

Roti Canai RM 1.00

The roti canai is good. The dhal that comes along with it is really good too! They don't have roti-s at 10.30am-2.30 pm.

Roti Canai Banana RM 1.60

I tried this out of curiousity. Very surprised it is GOOD! There's this special "chemistry" between the banana flavour and the dhal that you eat along with. hehe.

The dhal that comes along with the roti canai.

Teh tarik Ais RM 1.70

It is super dilluted. Don't order. Hrmph!

Oh yeah, Stef , you guys order 5 papadums , they din charge it in! I should have ordered more!

The roti canai is worth to try! Go there ya! It is also manage by an ex schoolmate of mine! Greenians rocks!!!!

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