Monday, June 04, 2007

Open Air Kuching

*** Pictures are taken with MY Sony Cybershot T-100. Off macro mode, coz i forgot? haha!

There's many Open air-style coffeeshops in Kuching, But if i were to mention the one nearby Electra House , i'm very sure , NO Kuching-aiks will miss it. It's been there for like centuries.. !

I also met my first love there. No , not the Aussie Guy. BUT!

Sin Kwan Heng Sio Bee

I can eat this every second , every minute , every hour and every day. Like we all know , First Love is always the best. So! Only they have the best sio bee! Dip in their chilli sos... ooohhhh ! sio-be-sm!

Open Air Kolo Mee

Kuching is flooded with Kolo mee.. BUT! not every stalls serve good Kolo mee. I would say Open Air is one of the best in town. Best eaten with the "char sio" oil -the red- coloured oil. Sweet + Salty = OOOhhh la la!

Soya Bean

The soya bean in open air is not recommended by me tho. Its very diluted.. But there's not much choice there. The "special" (some kind of ais kacang) in Open Air is nice.. so you can opt for that if you dont want the soya bean.

So , supper anyone? :P

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