Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jubilee Ground (next to Chung Hua No.6 )

I'm quite sure locals would be quite familiar of this place .. Very packed during tea break.. and they have very limited seats too. Sorry , no pic of the place! totally forgotten bout it. Haha! The place is like a colloseum.. round. Haha.. Last time the place was quite run down and dark . Hehe.

This place has been there for quite some time, but just recently me , Sucker Jo and Jess started visiting regularly. We've (or rather Sucker Jo) had always love Song Kheng Hai.

This place, similar to Song Kheng Hai is popular for the VERY-FOUL smell Belachan Bee hoon and the " Ang Tau Chan Dut" (ABC-like).

The belachan bee hoon (Ah Kheng)
RM 2.20

I am a fan of belachan BUT i was NEVER a fan of belachan bee hoon. It's too smelly for my liking.. a bit sweet too. The one here is a lot more watery compared to the one in Song Kheng Hai .A lot cheaper oso! I don't like lah.. not nice and..i was forcing myself to eat.. didn't finish about 50 %. LOL. The presentation memang fail. Haha.

Ah Yeo's Ang Tau Chan Dut RM 1.50
This is advertorial! LOL.

I was taking pictures and this old man asked me .. " you got blog issit?".. i said .. "yes".. and i just randomly asked him if he wants to treat me coz i tapau-ed for my mum.. and he said " this one.. chia you". HOHOHO! feels like a BIG BLOGGER for a moment!

But , not because i was paid to write this .. but the Ang Tau Chan Dut is really GOOD!!! The cendol is tangy ... the red bean is sweet.. and omg.. it's nice!with the coconut milk again! omg! THE BEST in KCH!

Rojak from the middle stall RM 2

The rojak is very normal .. the very "traditional" rojak. But the cucumber is way too much man.. and the "mengkuang".. aiyo .. chew till my mouth so tired. haha.. somemore one of the workers look like a bit mentally retarded. Ok , i'm not bias, just i thought it wasn't a good side? I won't recommend this one.

Ang Tau Chan Dut from the middle stall
RM 1

(same stall with the rojak's) It's ridiculously cheap! haha! 3 of us was kinda shock when he say it's RM 1! lol! Taste oso lousier lo... it 's not rich.The stall oso dirty! So pay 50 cents extra for Ah YEo's!

I would prefer this place over Song Kheng Hai loh! Song Kheng Hai need to pay coupon oh! this one is free parking.. Hehe! Again the..Ah Yeo's Ang Tau Chan Dut is damn good! Order the one with coconut milk ok?! Say i intro one! Thankiuk!!!


Choonie, the Guru said...

Wow... just snapping a few photos and you get yourself free food. I will remember to tell the taukeh next time. I love to go there for my evening tea.

Melanie said...

choonie : yeah , guess i was just lucky that day! :P

Anonymous said...

I wonder where this Jubliee Ground is. Is it the one near Chung Hua Primary School No. 3, which is around Jln. Ang Cheng Ho area, or is it near Chung Hua Primary School No. 6 in Stapok area?