Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jantayu Black Pepper burgers

Located at Haji Taha, right in front of Jantayu Book Shop. Among the land marks are the AM bank building , the Chung Hua School(Sumwhere nearby Satok) and Sri Sarjana Haji Taha branch.

Been here before about few years ago and never thought it was great. But recently Sam has been raving bout this to me when i told him about my addiction for road side burgers. He told me the burgers here are the best. So , i thought why not try.. and maybe they have improved?

I went with extremely high expectation.Sam even told me that their beef patties are imported from Uruguay. *jaw drop* Price for normal ones are around RM 1.50- RM 1.70. The difference here is that the beef are most expensive than the chicken ones .. a total opposite from the normal stall burger.

I bought the beef burger. with extra sos of course. The burger was very small man!!! No cabbage!! No doubt, the patties are not red-dish like the normal ones and taste a little fresher. Oh , and the patty are dipped into the black pepper it has strong taste of black pepper sauce. The place was clean . Even the burger is wrapped nicely!

Conclusion is... i wont recommend this place. haha! I still prefer our normal stall burgers. More sauce , more cabbage.. more syiok-ness!!

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