Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It hit me hard each time i see the pictures,

We may be off different background,

We may speak a total different langguage,

But ,

We share one thing.

A friendship. A sincere friendship.

I miss the together-ness.

I miss the times we use to laugh away even tho' exams near.

I miss the times we use to just talk and talk.

I miss the times we use to plan for each other's birthday.

Man , How could i forgot Shabby's face on the cake?

Most of all , how could i forgot my wonderful birthday ?

How could i forgot Tze Loong's drunken act? (the kiss...hehe:P)

I miss argueing with the teachers.

Especially , Mdm Iris.

Damn that pain in the ass teacher.

I miss the "cepat!cepat!cepat!" teacher. Hell lot!

Not to forget ,

The many self-plan parties!

Ahhh..Believe me , i'll give up anything for this .

It was the time of my life.

With Love ,


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