Monday, May 07, 2007

Turtle Eggs

*** Malaysian Authorities : I know this is illegal. I AM NOT encouraging people to eat turtle eggs alright? Please don't sue me , cause i have no money to hire a lawyer. Please sue the person who sold this to me. Thank You :)

Turtle Eggs look like Ping pong aye..

How to cook it?
Just boil it macam you boil the normal chicken eggs. It cooks much faster than the chicken eggs tho.

Then,You have to "tear" the "shell" ...before you makan -lah. The "shell" is paper-like. Macam Double A paper. heh! jk :P

A closer shot on how it looks like .. very bendalir-ish.

Put a bit of soy sauce .. then wah la la.. makan it.

The taste?

Honestly , i don't like it-lah. Quite gross. hehe.

** Readers , i know the quality of my pictures is a lil pain in d ass. Forgive me because currently im only working with two handphone cameras while im waiting for good stuff coming on its way.


Anonymous said...

its cool about your blog... but i would like to comment about the Turtle eggs.....

Decades ago, Sea Turtle one made malaysia popular and proud because of
Sea Turtle is getting lesser and lesser day by day week by week...... there is a few species which is the Hawksbills turtle, Green turtle and erm.. cant recall anymore... but they used to visit malaysia's beaches to lay eggs every year... but recently the population of Sea Turtle is less than 20,000 globally according to WWF Malaysia......

i hope everyone in this world would stop buying such eggs and also those endangered species meat, skins and also skeletons...... :) respects ourself as a human being living in earth and also give a respect to our mother nature as it is very important to our next generation......

together we hold our hands and say 'NO' to those who sell or threaten
our mother nature........ we all could make a different and create a
greener environment for the younger
generations so on and so fourth.... :)

im sorry if i offended anyone who read this blog but im just a very kind person who just try to be kind give a friendly advice to everyone........

friendster :

Warmest Regards,


Anonymous said...

ops.... there is some spelling error and also grammatical mistakes..... apologies.... :) ;)