Friday, May 11, 2007

Smoked Salmon Sashimi

Chef Mel goes Japanese today! Konichiiwa!

What's the ingredients?

Smoked salmon

I personally prefer raw smoked salmon over normal salmon. Loves the smokey aroma!

Kikkoman Japanese Soy sauce

Japanese food taste soooo good with the original Japanese Soy Sauce. Don't be a cheap skate and get the Lee Kum Kee one to go with your Japanese food!! What more to say sashimi!


What's Japanese food without wasabi rite? Loves the chokey feeling! :P

Then you just slice the salmon , arrange them in a plate and before you eat , squeeze some lemon juice. Then you dip-dip into the soy sauce + wasabi !

Awesome meal. Ohhhh La La Babey!

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