Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kaya And Toast

*** Pictures Taken with SE K750I

I guess most of you would know this place. They're popular and they must be damn good.. coz they have 3 branch in a period of 3 years( more or less). Trust me , it's not something easy in Kuching. They have one in Central Park , Petanak and the most recent one in Tabuan Jaya.

I've been there many times , and i always tend to order the same thing. Heh!

Cai Kueh

Honestly , i'm NOT a fan of Cai Kueh. Man , it's typical chinese old-fashioned kueh hor~~! so sick of it , u see it everywhere. BUT! BUT! This one is damn good worrr! The rice flour skin is generously filled with "mengkuang" and carrot. I love the fact that it's very well flavoured and it's served on a piece of local lettuce.The only laid-back is that the sambal is a little too smelly for my liking.

Ratings: 9/10

Curry Mee (Thanks to Kuching Food Club for the pic , specifically Diablo-cant find the pic i took)

The curry is cooked chinese-styled. I'm very sceptical over chinese curry that's served outside coz my parents and grandma cook damn good curry. But this one is above average , and nice. A lil spicy yet has a sweet end.

Ratings : 8/10

Ham and Cheese Toast

What's going there without eating their toast rite? I tried a few kinds of their toast but I don't find their toast amazing tho.. seriously , if they have 3 branch serving this kind of toast , i might be a millionaire if i start selling toast Chef Mel - style! Haha.
Ratings : 5/10

Nasi Lemak

Their nasi lemak is wrapped in "Kertas Minyak" and packed the triangle way. I love it if my nasi lemak is packed this way!

The inside?

The portion is really little and i'm very sure a big eater would finish it in less than 5 minutes. For me , i thought it was a perfect portion coz i don't take much rice.The rice has very nice coconut milk aroma and the sambal is good too. Nice.

Ratings : 8/10

What's more? They have wi-fi . So hamsap guys can eat their breakfast while surfing porn while bimbotic girls can shop clothes online!

This is a good place to have your breakfast when you're so sick of local delicacies like kolo mee and laksa .. and dirty coffeeshops!

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