Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dinotrek - a collaboration with Petrosains in Kuching

*** Pictures are taken with SE k610i. so.. lousy quality of photos. (uekk)

Yesterday i went to Dewan Tun Abdul Razak for this dinotrek thing. Kinda like an exhibition of dinosaurs. Entry is RM 5 per person , while for kids below 17 years old is RM 3. I'm very pleased with the way they welcomed us. Very friendly workers. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

There's a lot of this interactive games thing. Ofcourse, it's about dinosaurs. It could be lame , but i learn quite a few new things through this machines. Haha..

Then the answering thing.. where you step on the "yes" or "no" thing. U have to answer three questions .. i only got one right! haha. damn memalukan ok? coz it will say loud loud "Anda berjaya menjawab satu soalan sahaja".

Got this thing.. it's a "computeriseD" bicycles. It's two dinosaur chasing each other. Haha. The bicycle BMX one ar. Dun pray pray. haha.

The dinodance! this one is funny! in front of this stage,there's actually something like webcam. then u see yourrself la.. inside a video . haha. It will appear in another screen also. Very funny. Coz at 1st i thought it was just some sort of a stage and u look at the video. Kinda shock when i see myself in the screen. Haha!

I asked the boys to shake it ! shake it! Do the dinodance! shake it! oh ! shake it! =D

Then got four of this machine lah around the exhibition halls.. You have to cop on the card they gave u (or u need to ask).. but must cop correctly. Then they'll give you a sticker!

The sticker they gave! I bite! Hmmm.. sounds dirty eh? If you look it another way.. heh!

This engineered dinosaur is cool!! Got sound one and can move move a bit when u press! haha! Can only press one button at once tho. But the boys decided to press all (around 10 buttons) at once. Damn farny, can?!

The rest of the exhibitions rooms is quite dark la. Macam jungle. It's surrounded by this.

They got a lot of "chip-generated" dinosaurs la. Can move , can roar. can show their teeth to scare u. haha!

I find this baby dinosaur in half-hatched egg the kewtest! too bad my phone cam kns! :X

Outside of the exhibition hall got sale some gifts oso. Dinosaur stuff. it's very interesting wor the things they sale. hehe! so what's going there without buying souveniers rite? The lady was realli nice!

Jo and i bought this. We bought two same dinosaurs. He follow me ! :P

The dinosaur can expand big big (600% of its size) after 72 hours!! So i PROMISE! i will show u after it expand!!

So arhh.. Everyone shud go lah! Mommy and Daddy bring ur kids la! Boyfriend bring ur girlfriend go! Or anyone ! :P it's interesting.. RM 5 was worth it! But just because i find it interesting , don't come and bomb me if you find it not interesting. Hehe!

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