Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ammah Curry House

*** Photos are taken with SE K610i

Today i had lunch with my usual friends again at Ammah Curry House. Initially we wanted to eat at Jade Pot Tea House, BUT! it was full and most tables were booked. Na bey, this kind of restaurant also so many people go. wait till i open one! haha!

So , back to the curry house. It's located infront of UNIMAS Medic Faculty. When i arrive there, I was feeling quite awkward there coz the waiters has this restless face.Not one waiter are like that.. but all! When you order .. he's like not answering you and then just walk away. Some more they tooK quite a long time to light the fire to prepare the food. (canai and thosai). The ambience was dull accompanied by some jiwang Malay songs.

Ok .. what we ate?

Thosai Masala

3 of us ordered this. Thosai Masala means there is potatoes inside the thosai. This one actually had more onions than the potatoes and it had aubergine in it... which i HATE! But Thank God , it was spicy enough. So i finish it... I just didn't like the watery curry gravy and samba. Sri Shan win hands down!

Roti Canai Kosong

Samson's one.. looKs ok. But I don't quite like roti canai.. didn't bother to taste :P The gravy oso same la.

Roti Telur

My girlfriend (HMMMMM...haha) one . Looks ok also. I didnt' try.She didn't complaint oso. Haha

Nasi Beriani Ayam

Four of us shared this. There were five of us but Sucker Jo didn't wanna share. Haha. The chicken is THE BOMB , can?! It was sooo nice. The beriani rice was Ok. The good thing was they used basmathi rice . Comes with Samba , some weird sweet stuff and pickled onions. and of course papadum! The chicken isssss GOOOOOD!!

Teh C peng special

Looks nice hor?? It is nice :) The 1st layer is tea , 2nd is milk and 3rd is wheatgrass. Nice.

Teh Tarik Ais

I love the fact that it came in this stainless steel glass. Very Indian-ish. hehe.

Ice Lemon Tea

This is the worst drink of all..SO bitter lah!

So that was my lunch.. with them .It was good.. very Indian-ish.. with the stainless steel plates and all. hehe. Can go there cuba-cuba lah!

Continued my afternoon at Somerset for chatting session. HAD LOTS of fun with Sucker Jo! HAHA!

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Stephen T.Y.Sim said...

Hello, It's a first time i view your blog. I'm agree the way you describe about this shop. one thing i should tell you, the price of their food is more expensive compare to other Indian Food Restaurant. The way they serve is damn worst. When we want to pay for the food, the owner of the shop take few minute to stand up to collect money. What the hell is that. After that day, I don't visit that shop anymore. If you like Indian food, i can suggest you to some places i ever go. It just like share the opinion of the food in town. Keep it up for you blog. It is a nice Blog with good english.