Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nugget ada power punya!

***photos are rather blur.. cause i juz woke up that time. LOL

The previous post was .. alphabet fries! So this time.. i have alphabet nuggets!

They claimed it is cheese and tomato flavoured... HMMMM.. so they claimed. I taste no cheese , thr's tomato flava tho. The basil was rather strong. For a while i thought im munch
ing bolognese.

I must give them props for making it so appetizing looking..! :P Each of the nuggets is quite big.. but i do think that the pack is rather small .. for the price of RM6.50. They're from Ayamas , buatan Badawi. whoops!hoho! They're barangan buatan Malaysia!

I still have no idea why they are call ... "power nuggets" tho.. i just hope desperate impotent guys .. wont think tat the nuggets will make their dickies more powerful! HAHA!

**** selamat bercuti lah-ling JESS!!!


robin said...

Oh goodness... those nuggets really bring back memories, remember the alpha nuggets from KFC??? too bad they dun have it nowadays.

Melanie said...

hey Robin!!

Yeah! i still rem the alpha nuggets from kfc! :P ahhh!