Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A story of a bread :P

You know every single part of Kay Ell is so well build , even up to their bakeries. Overhere we have normal interior bakery .. every bakery seems the same to me. even their size is almost the same. But here's a bakery in Kay Ell that caught my eye. Not trying to put down Coo - Ching , but , yeah , just envy-ying. :)

the very beautiful glass theme. I thought it look very neat , and the lightings were great. In directly making the buns and pastries looks twice more appetizing.

they even haf buns on conveyer belt!!! :P
No upclose shot for the buns tho`. Coz they don't allow pictures (double thumbs down) , so Yeah. They have nice buns , but not up to the point , im mesmerized yet.

One thing i notice bout every single bakeries in Kuching is ,
THEY LOVE TO USE THE UN-APPETIZING FROZEN MIX VEGE on practically every single buns. I wont buy any of those buns with mix vege. especialy on their so-called "pizza"!!

Can't they just think of something else?

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