Sunday, March 18, 2007

How to win a guy's heart in ONE DAY

So , people's been talking about this "the way to men's heart is throught the stomach". better still if you're in the luck , he is sick. WHY? coz when he's sick , you dont have to crave your head thinking what to cook , JUST COOK HIM PORIDGE!i do not know why people tend to eat poridge when they are sick , but nvm , we'll juz follow the "rules" set by our forefathers!

SO , 1st get all the ingredients ready! We're making your man poridge! :)

First , cook your plain poridge 1st. I'm not explaining showing any pics on hw to cook plain poridge tho coz it's too easy. Just cook with your rice cooker , put the amount of water based on the "thickness" you desire. Some like it thick , some like it watery. it's up to you. Ask your man. :P

Then , put the cooked poridge in a small pot. First , put the marinated chicken in. Then keep stiring the poridge until the chicken is cook. Later , add seasonings like msg , sesame oil,Light soy sauce and salt. Again , it's up to ur man's taste. If you prefer him to be bald , add more salt. :D

After that add in the shitake mushroom , and stir it. When it's starting to boil up , add in the salted egg 1st , and after 1 minute add in the century egg. Remember the century egg is to be add last. And don't ever stop stirring , coz the poridge might stick the pot and you'll have hard time washing your pot later.

TA-DA!Your poridge is done! You are one step closer to winning your guy's heart. HOHO. lastly , and final step , add the fried shallots and spring onion to make it look appetizing! Your men is at the melting point now! (I HOPE!)

If this work (and you're on cloud 9 dy) ,
cook your man some heaty food again like fried chicken to make him sick again. HAHA.
get yourself a box of this. very cheap , 85 cents only!And chicken la ofcourse! d'uh!

Follow the instructions behind the box.. and .. yea! Your chicken wings is done!!

Hopefully your man's antibodies is so low , and he'll be sick again . And you can prepare the poridge again! You'll be pro the 2nd time! haha! Oh you can also ask hi
m not to finish the antibiotics , so that your plan will work! HAHA!

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