Monday, March 12, 2007

Burger Tepi Jalan

Burger tepi jalan, stall burger, "Malay burger", cheap-o burger , what ever you call it. They're almost everywhere , and every corner posible. Their hygiene is not guaranteed , but believe me , this is my ALL TIME favourite food. They're my drugs , and i need them everyday. HAHA! My mum complaints i eat them so often that i made her phobia of burger! haha.

They have a wide varieties to choose from .. from banjo to double beef egg , double chicken hot dog, double chicken beef , and the list goes on. I've never been bothered to look at the menu since i know i want Double beef. However a question came to my mind is why they do not have triple beef , or triple chix. Recently i came out with a way on how i can have my triple beef burger. That is , to buy my mum double beef burger and myself another one. then i'll take one of the patties from my mum (since she tinks double patties is too much). So i'll have triple beef burger!! Halleiua!

I like the beef ones coz they taste saltier and have a nice aroma. The red-coloured patties sometimes scare the hell outta certain ppl , that's why they opt for the chix one instead. The burger comes along with shredded cabbage and cucumber. there's one particular stall in 3rd mile that comes with a potato as an extra. And after that , everyting is drowned in watery chilli sos ,watery mayonaise and watery black pepper sauce. We're talking bout bloody money makers here , so they're just trying to be economic! However , all of them must be either retard or deaf since they never once fail to ignore me when i said " Bang , sos banyak!".

The number of burger stalls totally beats McD , KFC , and Sugarbun. Some would say they're nicer than those franchised one. To be honest the stall burgers taste almost the same and the only difference is the consistency of their sauce. Some are really watery ! As if chillie sos are so expensive!

With the government planning to banned the fast food ads, they're the only ones need not need to worry . They're not doin any ads after all. And even if fast foods is to be banned , i dont think it'll affect them . Coz if road side burgers are banned too , where else can the malays find their jobs?

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