Saturday, February 03, 2007


If kenny sia has the best food award, i'll present to you guys the worst food award!

Guess what food is the picture above?

IT IS THE "SMELLY TO-FU" [ chou tou fu ]

Apparently it is very popular in Taiwan , and MANY people enjoy eating it. Even in KL , it is so damn popular and you often see entertainers eating it in TV. So , i was furious, and i wanted to try too. I ordered one set (comes in four) and was all excited about eating it. Every piece cost 80 cents and you must order four. (the place i ate)it is deep fried and served with pickled cabbage and chillie sauce. the taste? OMG. it is so friggin smelly and i almost voumitted at my first bite. It's like i am eating to-fu in dip in the trienekens truck. No kidding. I ordered four , and i didn't want to waste (i went with my aunts, and they're the type who do not waste food) , so i had to eat another 2 finish. My sis ate one and didnt wanna help me ! :( Even when i am typing this i can still remember how it smells like. Really can die dot com! I do not understand why ppl are enjoying eating something so smelly? i can understand ppl enjoy eating durian or "ikan masin", but not this. Like thr is no difference eating rubbish you noe?.......... Freaks me!

When i got home, i brush my teeth , wash my whole mouth again and again, and the FRIGGIN smell is still there. DAMN SIAO! i am the ones who loves food, but i dont mind to die if im served this again.

*btw, i ate this in Kajang.

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