Thursday, February 01, 2007

This post is specially dedicated to Stef to make her "lau nua", and flood NZ. *grin*


when you have all this in your bowl of laksa,you're near, VERY NEAR to orgasm.

the Vermicelli. one of the most important ingredients in laksa. it mustn't be overcook or too soft. use the thicker beehoon (vermicelli), instead of those realli thin ones. i tink it kinda spoil the laksa taste. this is how your vermicelli is suppose to look like.

the omellete. doesnt matter much. but i like i mine to be juz cook and must nt be brown. im fussy :P

the chicken. it taste better if it's done in thigh, but breast , wont make much diff too.

Some ppl dun like Bean sprouts in their laksa.I used to hate it too. I dun noe when i grew to like it. BUT , only if it's cook at the right way. NEVER OVER COOK IT. otherwise, ur laksa is a bowl of crap.

Fresh "crispy" prawn. :) I dun understand why sum ppl judge a laksa by the size of the prawn. In fact this is the perfect size of a prawn that suits laksa. not too big, not too small.

THE MOST IMPORTANT , THE GRAVY!it musnt be too thick , but just right and soothing to sooothe the laksa lust in you.haha. yes , laksa is like sex. haha. You noe , the right way to enjoy a bowl of laksa is when , a bowl of hot laksa is served to you , and u take the 1st sip of the soup, u close your eye n enjoy it. If u dont, the laksa merely sucks. Whenever i take my 1st sip, i always smile and close my eyes, if it's really good. :)

a good laksa , comes along with a great sambal. And the perfect sambal is suppose to look like this. not like .. chocolate cakes in your toilet. I hate the fact that sometimes some ppl make good laksa , but their sambal sucks. it kinda makes the whole "laksa-mood" gone. A good sambal musn't be too hot , nor nt spicy at all. :) thr's some secret to make a good laksa sambal tho. *winkszzz* and the optional parsley and lime. some like corriander tho, but i hate it.

this is a home cook laksa, cooked by my mum , and tis bowl is the one i made for myself. Notice that i had a lot of gravy all over the beehoon and stuffs, tat is coz i like laksa to be this way. Remember guys, LAKSA is all ABOUT THE GRAVY, it doesnt matter how many prawns it has. or how many chicken they put, or the dozens of omellete. . Some how, the bean sprout make a big part (like i said above), coz if it has the "smell" , it kinda affect the laksa.(at least to me) haha.

Anyway, a good laksa is when it taste good eventho it's juz the vermicelli and the gravy along with sambal.

I'll try to blog all the popular laksa srwk in various places when im free ^_^


Anonymous said...

i nearly died seeing that!
but you must tell..
how to make laksa..
how is the proper way of making laksa soup. and how to fry the egg. What you put in the egg.
hehe.. seriously lo, i wanna know how to make the soup..
launua mati matian...

Anonymous said...

stef : coming soon! haha. dunno hw to write it out coz the process is quite long. :P