Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hilton Kuching , Waterfront Cafe`

Yesterday, i went to meet out with my 5G classmates. It's been LONG time since we last went out together. The 5G-aiks! :)

So where did we go ? *ahem* HILTON's waterfront cafe.. *grin* Wanted to go for sushi buffet in Riverside but it was *woot*woot* FULL. Kuching people so l-i-c-h hor?

Show you all the interior 1st.

The typical restaurant style. I kinda think the interior looks like Riverside's?except Riverside's waiter and waitress wears ugly flourecent yellow uniform.

Like normal, Hotel's restaurant always serve you bauguette 1st. I think the ones in riverside is nicer , but Hilton's looks more appetizing and cute. And they serve you again if it's finish. ^_^

What we had?

Lasagna al forno

I think it taste just nice. But not rich in taste. Slightly dry, but quite a lot of meat.
Chef Mel rating : 6/10

Char Grilled Lamb Rack

I wanted it medium , but it came WELL DONE. not only well done, but SUPER well done. So , it's TOO dry , and too SALTY. uekk.However i like the mashed potato , but it's soooo lil!!!! Chef Mel rating : 5/10

Filled Chicken Breast with Risotto

This is Jessica's choice after asking us what is risotto. The rissoto is too cheezy making it taste like VOUMIT. i didn't like it. While the chicken breast is.. too dry?but it taste with onion rings, and i like the onion rings! Chef Mel rating : 6/10

Norweigan salmon salad

This one is nice. It is served with mango salsa and the mango salsa is superb! Also served with lettuce, bean sprouts, and a lime. The portion is small , but i think it's nice :P Chef Mel rating : 7/10

French Fries

Nothing special. But look at the portion. o.O SO LIL. and it's like 7 bucks!
However it's not soggy and it's cooked till golden brown. :P Chef Mel rating : 9/10

OH, and now the best MENU!!!!

Udang Galah cili padi!

OK , i know it's weird since all above are western food. But we decided to order this prior to the waitress recomendation. And it's SUPERB!the rice is perfect . Im very particular about eating nice, soft rice, cooked with correct water level. And its SO PERFECT. The jungle fern is actually the best i've eaten in my 20 years living!! The pickled stuff i didn't try coz i abhor cucumber.
The udang galah is cooked "lemak" with "daun kunyit" , and it tasted good together with the rice. I'm giving this 9.5 /10 because , the udang galah is not fresh. Other than that , it's perfect!

Only 5 of us went for the dinner , but Sam joined us later with his hunky brother. We went to scoops, just opposite Hilton. I FOUND MY FAV ICE CREAM!!! it's yoghurt flavour and it tasted soo good! :P I like the rapsberry too.The interior is nice, But i think they have problem with the hygiene of the place. The sofa is so sticky and the table , is omg, NOT WIPED, full with ice cream melts! oh and the gays are making out thr.. it's Jo and yueh lee. heh!